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Welcome to Loans Andre

We have all been in a situation where we needed urgent financial assistance. Whether it was a trip to the emergency room or a cell phone bill that landed on your doormat. The feeling of dread, knowing that you do not have the money to cover the costs, is the same. Some people are lucky enough to be able to rely on credit cards or friends and family to help them out in their hour of need, for others there is often nowhere to turn.

If like them you have a checkered financial past and find that applying for credit often results in you being rejected then do not despair. Payday loans available through Loans Andre could help you as soon as today.

We approve hundreds of loans daily for customers with a less than perfect credit rating. This is not important to us. Our criteria for approving loans is very different to other financial lenders. We do not look at your credit score but judge whether to approve you for a short term loan based purely on your ability to repay the loan as required.

Not only is this unique way of approaching finance great for those with bad credit ratings it is also SUPER-fast. You can be approved and funds wired straight to your checking account in just a few hours. This means that you can truly cover that emergency cost in next to no time. Meaning you save the day and your books stay balanced.

Unlike other types of loans, payday loans are a short term loan repayable in only one installment. This easy and simple to understand process means that you are not burdened with the weight of regular repayments every month, adding up over time considerably. But are contracted to a one-off fee after a period of no-more than 31-days.





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